Our History

The First Baptist Church of Lumberton was organized in 1886 with fifteen members.  Located near the present town waterworks, a one-room wooden structure served as worship area for both Baptists and Methodists.  In 1897 a lot was given for the building of a new church.  In 1903 the first parsonage was built.  On December 7, 1926 a new brick structure with a basement was dedicated.  A fire in the basement caused extensive damage and loss of records.  The year 1948 brought the purchase of the second parsonage.  In 1959 a new modern educational building was dedicated, which is still being used today.  Further progress was made in 1960 with the remodeling of the church sanctuary. The year 1971 saw the construction of a beautiful parsonage across the street from the church.  In 1978 structural engineers brought the report that the present building would be safe for use for only two to five years.  A building fund has been in the making for a number of 
years, so a building committee was appointed.  The year 1979 brought the additional purchase of property to provide the building site.  In 1981 construction began on the present site, and on April 18, 1982 the new sanctuary was dedicated to the Lord.  The eighty-one-year-old church bell was moved to the new site to serve as a reminder of the need for faithfulness to the Lord. First Baptist church remains today as a beacon in our community and dedicated to the service of our Lord.
Rev. Tom Dale, and wife, Lola Dale
In 1889, W.C. Dale deeded about three acres of land and the present building was erected. Mrs. Lola Johnston Dale, wife of Tom Dale, a son of W.C. Dale, requested at her death to be buried where the steps of the old schoolhouse stood. She united with Crooked Creek Church at the age of fifteen. She was married to Tom only three years when she died at the age of 24. Thus at her death on Saturday, September 8, 1900, the Crooked Creek Cemetery was begun on the little rise just above the church. Others who helped shape the early history of the church were also buried there.