What Love!

Dear Friends,

       Mom knew that her two boys were outside playing where they live near Aspen, CO. Suddenly she heard her 5-year-old start screaming.  Mom ran outside and saw a mountain lion on top of her son, attacking him. She charged the mountain lion, pulled one of its paws away, and pried its jaws open, freeing her child. Her son had deep cuts on his head, face, and neck, but later found to be improving in a Denver hospital. The mother had minor wounds to her hands and legs. The mountain lion ran away and was later killed. What a Mom!

            You and I are being attacked by our enemy who is “like a roaring lion” (I Peter 5:8). But God’s Son, Jesus Christ, charged up that hill to the cross… In His sacrificial death and victorious resurrection, it was as if He pried the enemy’s jaws open, freeing us! In dying for us, Jesus had injuries to His hands and feet. But, the “roaring lion” was delivered a fatal wound… And even though our enemy is still lashing out, “he knows that his time is short” (Revelation 12:12). What a Savior! “I was delivered from the lion’s mouth.” – – – I Timothy 4:17

Bro. John